Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I think I'm A.D.D.

I can't seem to focus on one single project. The wood floor is replaced in the den, where it had rotted from a leak. But I have to somehow match the stain of the rest of the floor. The wall is fixed too, but there's still one spot in the corner that needs to be drywalled.

I found some AWESOME french doors at this place in L.A. called Silverlake Salvage.
1065 Manzanita Street. (4100 block of Sunset, go South on Manzanita to Gateway. Right on Gateway another right in the first driveway. Look for the big white building). Telephone (323) 667-2875. I widened the doorway from the kitchen to the den by about 4 inches, to fit the doors. I still need to finish the trim around the doorway.

We have a problem on the SE corner of the house. There are trees growing from beneath the sidewalk and forcing up the concrete. The concrete has moved significantly since we bought the house in November of last year. The trees are called "Tree-of Heaven" and believe me, they are anything BUT that. I think "Tree from Hell" would be much more fitting. Some jackass brought them over here from China back in the 1800's. Oeuf. I have reason to believe that the roots growing under the concrete are the real reason for the foundation damage on that corner of the house. The seller had the foundation fixed before we moved in, but we all thought at the time that the reason was an earthquake. I'm not so sure anymore.

Speaking of the foundation repair, cracks formed in the plaster in the bedroom at that corner of the house, from when the foundation repair specialists did the house-leveling. I've also been working on repairing those cracks.

The sprinkler system in the front yard is working really well now! I re-positioned 5 sprinkler heads so that the entire lawn gets water now. It's greening up pretty nicely.

Some knuckle-head tagged the neighbor's garage with spray paint last night. Unfortunately it's a pretty popular spot for the local "artists" since it's a good flat surface that isn't lit at night. I'm thinking about putting up a little spy cam so I bust them sometime down the line.

Two new bars opened up on York Blvd. a couple weeks ago! We're happy to see that the area is attracting a little more night life, and that new things are going into the once-vacant buildings in Highland Park. It's nice to have some contrast to all the auto shops and dollar stores. Things are changing pretty quickly around here!